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We allow sessions that are always one-on-one with a treating therapist when required.

Direct care provides one-on-one therapy between a person with autism and a Registered Behavior Therapist or Board Certified Behavior Analyst. Direct therapy can be extremely effective in helping patients because autism is a spectrum disorder and direct care allows the therapist to more accurately and precisely assess the needs of the individual.

Individual sessions allow the team to continually evaluate your child’s treatment and assess the most effective evidence-based ABA interventions for your child’s individual needs. We use a live data collection system to graph and assess our work on an ongoing basis to analyze trends to determine treatment modifications. Session notes are updated and distributed by your child’s Registered Behavior Technician during each session. Teaching methodologies used include but are not limited to Verbal Behavior, Functional Communication Teaching, Discrete Trial Teaching, Incidental Teaching, and Adaptive Living Skills (Self-Care Skills).

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