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Communication is an important life skill that children learn at a very young age. Unfortunately, it is common for many children with autism to have delays in speech, and difficulty in communicating with others. Our ABA Therapy program provides language and communication in an effort to support children learn to communicate their needs. From day one we focus on teaching our clients how to advocate for themselves by requesting items and activities they want and need.

Some Speech Therapy benefits:

  • Developing conversational skills to improve interactions with others
  • Expressing thoughts, ideas, and needs in a more understandable way
  • Self-regulation and following rules for conversation
  • Social appropriateness in various settings and situations
  • Improved articulation
  • Non-verbal communication skills such as facial expressions or body language
  • Putting together words in a sentence that make sense.
  • Understanding the meaning of more words and how to use them.
  • Using alternative communication devices such as picture exchange communication systems or text-to-speech programs

Currently accepting:

  • Tricare East
  • BCBS of Texas
  • Magellan
  • Aetna
  • Optum
  • United Healthcare